Certified Scrum Master Feb 2020


Certified Scrum Master Feb 2020

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Course dates: 16th and 17th February
Venue: Lahore (TBC)

This course is taught by Abid Quereshi, an active software developer and consultant based in London, England. For over 23 years Abid has helped more than 50 organisations all over the world create new and evolve existing business and technical practices.

Course Details:

  • Myths about Scrum and their impact
  • The Scrum Framework and its origins
  • Application of the Scrum Framework through a hands-on simulation
    • Team Chartering (Ready, ‘Done’ and Team agreements)
    • Helping a Team to Self-Organise
    • The Product Backlog
    • Estimating and Planning
    • Sprints
    • The Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Reviews
    • Sprint Retrospectives
  • Motivation, Teams and Organisational Change
  • Complexity, Empiricism and the Context for Scum
  • Cultivating courage and responsibility-taking
  • Coaching and Change Management
  • Servant-Leadership in contrast to other traditional styles

Who should attend?
The course for everyone who is about to start using Scrum or has already gathered some experience and wants to deepen their understanding. The ScrumMaster role is the focus of the course, however it is also suitable for team members or managers who would like an introduction to Scrum. This may include managers, programmers, testers, analysts, product managers or anyone interested in working on or with a Scrum Team.

For queries please call or email:
Mr. Zaman +92 3231416914
Email: hello@asti.io

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