CSM Certification Course – Course dates: 3 – 4 October (weekend class)

Congratulations to our new batch of Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course.

Special thanks to the trainer Giuseppe De Simone and co-trainer Khurram Bhatti for two days of the highly interactive and engaging course.

Thanks for joining us – Fahad RazaImran Ahmad Salfishahzad yousafKhurram LatifMohammad MunafMuhammad ShahzaibJunaid AtiqueMumtaz HassanAbdul Rauf Afzaal

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Course Details:

The Virtual Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) training class is a 2-day learning experience that provides students a full immersion into what it takes to be a great ScrumMaster. You will learn the theory, the values and elements that define the Scrum framework, and how a great ScrumMaster uses them skillfully in the service of the Team, the Product Owner, and the whole organization.

The class is presented in a highly interactive and collaborative format with elements of lecture, classroom discussion, exercises, games and simulations, smoothly blended throughout the class. We will approach the class at a sustainable pace and endeavor to take breaks often, to allow our brain to stay focused and our body to recharge when necessary.

The Scrum Master Training conveys an elaborate knowledge about Scrum and the Scrum framework. During the course, attendees will learn why such a seemingly simple process such as Scrum can have such profound effects on an organization. Participants gain practical experience working with Scrum tools and activities such as the product backlog, sprint backlog, daily Scrum meetings, sprint planning meeting, and Burn Down Charts.

Training Topics

  • Scrum Foundations (partly as preparation for the class)
  • Scrum in a Nutshell
  • The Scrum Team
  • Servant Leadership
  • Introduction to Agile Coaching *
  • Introduction to Agile Facilitation *
  • Coaching the Product Owner *
  • Coaching the Development Team *
  • Coaching Scrum Organizations *
  • Daily Scrum
  • Definition of Done
  • Product Backlog & Refinement
  • Sprint, Sprint Planning and Sprint Backlog
  • Sprint Review and Increment
  • Sprint Retrospective
  • A full simulation of a Scrum project

Who should attend

The CSM course is appropriate for aspiring ScrumMasters, development team members, managers, project managers, and organizational team leaders seeking a deep understanding of the principles and practices of Scrum, and those seeking to be an effective Servant Leader or ScrumMaster within an Agile team or organization.

There is no prerequisite for attending this class.

International delegates please contact hello@asti.pk if you want to join this course

What other participants are saying:

This was by far the best professional course that I’ve attended. If all were this engaging I’d attend many more. Thank you!
— Karen R., Data Operation Manager

“I can honestly say this was hands down the best training class I have ever attended. You guys do an amazing job facilitating and keeping people interested. I am so excited to use the new tools in my toolbox for my sprint planning on Monday, and easily passed the CSM test with the knowledge I obtained in your class.”
— Stephanie C., Project Manager

“Eleven months later, what has stuck with me the most is that the training provided an expansive tool belt of techniques and concepts. I feel I can draw on the tool belt any time I need.”
— Mitchell F., Program Management Consultant

“The training reinforced for me the paradigm shift from the waterfall approach in a monolithic organization to Agile’s concept of servant leadership. Yes, I’m leading the team, but I’m here to enable your success.”
— Michael M., Senior Project Manager


Giuseppe De Simone (Agile42)

Scrum Alliance (CST, CTC, CEC, CAL, REP) – based in Sweden

Giuseppe De Simone is a Certified Scrum Trainer and an Enterprise and Team Coach who is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organizations become more productive by embracing Agile values principles and practices.

He’s been working as Agile coach and trainer since 2010 and has helped several individuals, teams and organizations to create more human work environments and have more productive lives for a total amount of 10000+ hours coaching.

His primary interests are Agile leadership, Change management, Software craftsmanship, and Agile coaching.

Co-Trainer Khurram Bhatti

ICAgile Authorized Instructor, Agile Coach, CSM, CAL1, CSP-SM – based in Sweden.

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Khurram’s work is about helping individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their goals by adapting new ways of thinking. He is an experienced Agile Coach, Facilitator, and Agile Trainer. His goal is to develop a healthy, collaborative, and continuously improved culture where experimentation is encouraged, and crafting a high focus is appreciated.

This CSM training is conducted in collaboration with Agile42 Sweden and ASTI/PASE


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